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COLORS: Black Frame, Aqua Precision Red Mirror Lens



Why have one pair of sunglasses for the weekend and a safety-rated pair for bright days on the job? That’s the same question we asked when we designed the Robson. We infused the style and features of everyday eyewear into an ANSI Z87+-compliant pair of safety glasses. Then, we threw in a dash of our signature durability for long-lasting wear. The adjustable thermoplastic rubber (TPR) nosepiece adds a flair of comfort only seen in much more expensive sunglasses. After all, you want to want to wear your safety glasses when you need them most, don’t you? We thought so too. Never has a pair of Z87+ safety glasses been designed with more intention behind the comfort, durability and style. And we’ve given it a slew of available lens choices to meet your specific needs, from polarized to clear. And it even comes available with our semi-permanent anti-fog technology (Vapor Shield). Order a pair today and feel the Edge difference.

Frame Dimensions: