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9" Angle Grinder

  • Heavy duty design, including improved armature components and low absorbent motor housing for maximum jobsite durability
  • Newly designed slanted shaft lock enables easier engagement by operator
  • Long life carbon brushes and spiral spring brush holders minimize service and maintenance requirements
  • Anti-short switch cover, armature components and increased commutator depth ensure optimal electrical contact and performance
  • Transparent cover protects serial number and name plate against wear
  • Labyrinth construction features a complex series of channels to prevent penetration of dust and debris into the field and armature for maximum operational life
  • Motor winding protection features increased “Zig-Zag” varnish on the armature and hardened powder on the field coils to act as an impenetrable barrier to dust and debris
  • Rotatable gear housing can be positioned at every 90o for optimal positioning
  • Removable 3 position side handle can be mounted on left, right or top side of tool
  • Ergonomic soft rubber grip design for vibration absorption and comfortable operation

Items Included: Wheel Cover (122939-8), Side Handle (143486-6), Inner Flange (224317-9), Lock Nut 5/8″-45 (224486-6), Lock Nut Wrench 28 (782412-6)


Two-Stage Safety Trigger Switch (AC)